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Electric Motorcycles

Vigo Motorcycle-electric-motorcycle-UAE-Dubai

Vigo Motorcycle Aims To Break Range-Anxiety Of Electric Motorcycles

One of the biggest problems that electric motorcycles, or electric vehicles in general, face is the limited range from a single charge. There definitely...

Energica To Develop Lane Change Assist Safety Feature For Motorcycles

To improve the safety of motorcyclists, Energica has a vision for the future where we would have advanced safety features like Lane Change Assist...
Veitis EV-Twin-electric-motorcycle-UAE-Dubai-5

Would You Fancy An Electric Bobber? Look At The Veitis eV-Twin

There are numerous electric motorcycles now available in the market for purchase. We have really come a long way in this industry. And we...
Quadro Qooder-UAE-Dubai

Quadro Qooder, A Four-wheel Leaning Scooter, Goes Electric

Remember the Yamaha Niken and all the hype that it brought? Well, if you were impressed by Yamaha’s three-wheel leaning Niken, then the Quadro...

New Electric Motorcycle Concept From Russia

IMZ-Ural or Ural Motorcycle is a Russian company that manufactures heavy sidecar motorcycles. However, its new concept is a bit offset from the earlier...
NERA E-motorcycle-UAE-Dubai

This Is The World’s-First Fully 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle

The 3D printing technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. It is a very cool technology that has given a helping hand to creativity...
Energica and Samsung Motorcycle Mirror Bolid-E-UAE-Dubai

Energica And Samsung Working Together To Revolutionize Motorcycle Mirrors

How often do you ponder upon the type of mirrors your motorcycle have? For me, I cuss them every time I ride my bike...

Zero Motorcycles Announces 2019 Model Range

The motorcycle industry of today favours everything dual sport, and electric powertrains are the future of all automobiles. With its finger on the right pulse,...

Dubai Police Adds Hoverbike, Electric Superbike To Fleet

It is a well-known fact all over the world that Dubai Police has the best patrol and intercept vehicles in its fleet. Well, the...

Era Of Electric: Tarform Announces New Electric Bike

Electric motorcycles are fast proliferating across the world, and the latest to take up the e-bike path is American startup Tarform Motorcycles. Tarform recently announced its...

Finland-Based RMK Motorcycles Showcase Hubless Rear Wheel

Finland based electric motorcycle manufacturer RMK is working on its entry into the short list of global electric bike-makers. The company stated that it...

More Details About 2019 FIM Enel MotoE World Cup Released

Electric Motorcycles are set to take the centre stage in the upcoming moto competition- the FIM Enel MotoE Grand Prix World Championship. MotoGP stewards FIM...

This Electric Superbike Has A Top Speed Of 240 km/h

The Manx 7 is an electric superbike manufactured by a Belgian firm called Sarolea. This latest electric two-wheeler has been termed as a superbike...

This Is The World’s Lightest Folding Electric Bike

Would you fancy a 10.3 kg electric bike that you can fold and carry? Well, Hummingbird has got you covered. Hummingbird is a British...

Energica Dedicates A New Department To The MotoE Project Development

Energica Motor Company is the one that had been chosen by Dorna to provide electric race bikes for the 2019 MotoE world championship. The...

Rise Of EVs: Energica Ego Sets Another Speed Record

Italian electric superbike manufacturer Energica is putting its halo product, the Ego through its paces. The electric track bike recently claimed another record at...

Alta Motors To Participate In The 2018 Erzberg Rodeo

Alta Motors, the San Francisco based company, is ready to take on one of the most grueling off-road races of the world. It has...

200 Zero Motorcycles Recalled Over A Potential Fire Hazard

Zero Motorcycles, now a well-known name in the electric motorcycle industry, has issued a recall of a total of 200 of its models manufactured...

Campagna Motors And Zero Motorcycles Develops An Electric T-Rex

Campagna Motors had mastered the art of making performance three-wheeled vehicles. Its dedication and will had given us the T-Rex, a benchmark for three-wheeled...
Zero SR-uae-dubai

A German Rider Sets A New Record Using Zero Electric Motorcycle

Breaking all the stereotypes, Remo Klawitter, a German rider has set a new record of covering the longest distance on an electric motorcycle in...
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