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Red CB750, Red CB1000R, Red CB650R-uae-dubai

A quick glimpse at the History of Honda’s in-line 4 ‘CB’ models

The in-line 4-cylinder setup is among the most popular engine configurations that the world has ever come across. These engines have been powering a...

What Makes The New 2019 BMW S1000RR So Agile And Stable?

The 2019 BMW S1000RR is one of the most anticipated bikes of the year. We’ve been seeing the spy shots of this bike for...
Red Panda Adventures India Motorcycle Tours 21

Summer Adventure Getaway – Himalayas And Rest Of India With Red Panda Adventures

Even the most die-hard rider would admit that summer isn’t the most ideal time to ride a motorcycle in the UAE. Temperatures soar to...
101 Year Old

101 Year Old Rider Took A Riding Assessment By A 28 Year Old

If you are an avid rider, you might have come across people who are old on the road still riding a motorcycle relatively slowly...
Kane Avenallo

Kane Avellano Sets a New World Record on a Motorcycle

Kane Avellano is the youngest person to travel the entire world, at just 23 years old, on a motorcycle. He rode a total of...

Classic Vibe: Honda CB350 Café Racer

From the Emirates comes a classy, elegant cafe racer, scourged from a barn in Texas, and given a new life by a South African...

Useful Motorcycle Hacks!

We found this very interesting video on top 5 motorcycle life hacks and want to share them with you... Which one would you use? and...

Guzzisti Arabia

Moto Guzzi World Club; is the official Moto Guzzi owners club which unifies and directs all official Moto Guzzi clubs around the world. It...

Wunderlich Extreme Skidplate

This engine protector has already proven its ability on the tracks around Agadir and in many other races as well as in many other...

Rizoma PT706 BMW RnineT Plate Holder

The Rizoma "Sidearm" license support plate, with its elegant character, has been designed to meet the critical eye of the most demanding nineT owner,...

Arlen Ness Wheels

This wheel is a 10-Gauge wheel is constructed from forged billet aluminium. Each Ness billet wheels has been engineered and rigorously tested in both...

Bike Shed 2017 News

Our pal and writer for Bike Nation Magazine Del Michael Gasan - Founder of Cafe Racers Middle East, will be taking over our Instagram...

Harley Davidson International Press Launch

Harley Davidson recently held the international press launch for the 2017 H-D Street Rod 750 in Marbella, Spain, with Moto journalists attending from around...

Safety On The Road

  Our life is a total sum of our experiences. Those experiences – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are...
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