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One-Moto brings 3 new electric scooters in the UAE

Electric vehicles are no longer the future, they’re already here. We’ve seen highly capable and successful electric bikes from brands like Zero Motorcycles and...
Aerostich Transit 3 Jackets And Pants-uae-dubai

Aerostich Transit 3 Jacket And Pants now available for pre-order

From its revolutionary introduction in 2008 through 2013 (when specialised materials became unavailable and forced its discontinuance), Aerostich Transit suit’s well-earned reputation was as...

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 – First Impression

To be honest, I've never been a Royal Enfield fan. All of their motorcycles that I've had a chance to ride in the past...
Red CB750, Red CB1000R, Red CB650R-uae-dubai

A quick glimpse at the History of Honda’s in-line 4 ‘CB’ models

The in-line 4-cylinder setup is among the most popular engine configurations that the world has ever come across. These engines have been powering a...
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 HD Wallpaper-uae-dubai

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 official accessories you should really buy

Royal Enfield provides a plethora of accessories for its products. These fall under various categories like bodywork, protection, controls, etc. Out of all the...

An Indian Springfield Darkhorse with a working grill as its sidecar

We’ve seen various customised Indian Motorcycles but this we surely never came across something like this - an Indian Springfield Darkhorse with a working...
KLIM-Switchback-riding-pants-uae-dubai (3)

New KLIM Switchback Pant: Casual, comfortable & safe

You hop on your motorcycle to meet some friends for breakfast but you have no idea what the day will bring. There’s talk about...

Shoei’s latest helmet is inspired by Japan’s Manga

Shoei has developed a new livery for its NXR STIMULI TC-10 helmet which is inspired by Japan’s Manga. It is priced at £469.99 (approx...

Energica to develop smaller electric motorcycles

In the last few years, Energica has gained quite a handful of popularity in the electric motorcycle industry. Then the big thing happened, and...

Husqvarna enters electric motorcycle segment with its EE 5

The latest brand to enter the electric motorcycle segment is Husqvarna. It has launched its first electric motorcycle which is called the EE 5....
Regent Motorcycles Regent No.1-uae-dubai-1

This electric motorcycle is for retro-style lovers

Today, we’ve got numerous advanced technologies that are being used in developing and manufacturing some of the finest and modern motorcycles, both in terms...
Damon Motorcycles Halo-uae-dubai

Damon Motorcycles – This is a Canadian Halo

Stepping into the electric motorcycle base is a new Vancouver-based company called Damon Motorcycles. What’s interesting about them is that they have a new...

This is BMW Motorrad’s vision of future electric motorcycles

BMW Motorrad has given us some fantastic-looking motorcycles in the past. There are usually a plethora of elements in a BMW that demand attention...

Customise your FTR 1200 with these amazing Artist Series tank covers

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Indian Motorcycle is going to reveal its new Artist Series tank covers for the FTR 1200...
arc vector-uae-dubai

Production of Arc Vector to begin next year

Remember the exotic and very premium Arc Vector that has been showcased at the EICMA last year? Yes, the one which had a price...

Do check out Druid electric bike at Automechanika Dubai automotive show

If you have a thing for electric motorcycles or want to have a glimpse at the future of the motorcycle industry, do check out...
indian-motorcycle-scout bobber-Appaloosa-uae-dubai (2)

Ever heard the name Appaloosa?

The Indian Scout Bobber is one of those bikes that is preferred by most of the custom-motorcycles builders. In the past, we’ve seen numerous...

Triumph also wants an electric motorcycle

Over the last few years, we've seen tremendous development in the electric motorcycle segment. Many new as well as well-established brands have shown their...
royal enfield himalayan-fuel motorcycles-uae-dubai

A custom Royal Enfield Himalayan that looks like an ‘80s rally bike

The Himalayan is not your conventional Royal Enfield. Countless man-hours have been spent on its research and development. And as the name suggests, this...

This is how Ducati 1199 SuperLeggera looks without her clothes

Fully faired motorcycles tend to attract more humans than naked streetfighters. It’s true. Their outfits are designed to please the eyes and also serve...
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