kawasaki-ninja-e-1-front quarter

We all know that Kawasaki has been working on electric motorcycles for a while now. At EICMA 2022, Team Green said that the world would be seeing its first electric motorcycle in 2023. Well, it seems that Kawasaki has held its word because details of its two electric motorcycles have been revealed via Type Approval Documents.

As per media reports, the two electric Kawasaki motorcycles would be named as the Kawasaki Ninja E-1 and Z E-1. It is quite obvious that the former is going to be the fully faired version whereas the latter would be the naked counterpart.


Kawasaki has filed vehicle-type approval documents with the concerned authorities in Australia. Based on this paperwork, the electric motorcycles will produce 9 kW or around 12 hp. Yes, this isn’t much but these machines are supposed to be urban commuters and not outright track bikes.

kawasaki-z-e-1-front quarter

The images tell us that the Kawasaki Ninja E-1 looks very similar to the Ninja 400 whereas the Z E-1 has clearly drawn inspiration from the Z400. Other details revealed via the documents include the wheelbase. Both bikes will have a wheelbase of 1,370 mm. While the Ninja E-1 would weigh 140 kg, the Z E-1 would be lighter at 135 kg.