mit Hydrogen-Powered Ducati 900SS action

MIT’s Electric Vehicle Team has hit the racetrack with an electrifying creation, transforming a Ducati 900SS into a cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle, affectionately named “Toothless.” It not only aims to leave fossil-fueled competitors in the dust but also exemplifies a commitment to collaboration by open-sourcing its revolutionary design.

Motivated by the desire to grasp the potential of a higher-density, lesser-used clean fuel source, the team of a dozen enthusiasts embarked on a mission to build a battery-buffered fuel cell hybrid. Their goal goes beyond racing; it’s about inspiring others to join the movement towards advancing “small hydrogen” vehicle technology.

Over the course of a year, the team meticulously worked on the transformation, starting with a 1999 Ducati Supersport donor bike. The combustion engine and its conventional components were removed, leaving behind a sleek frame featuring essential elements like steering, brakes, and suspension. Notably, the 900SS mounts the rear swingarm off the engine casing, providing a distinctive touch.

The heart of this conversion lies in the integration of an electric powertrain into the frame. Equipped with a small battery and direct chain drive to the rear wheel, along with dedicated mount points for the swingarm, the motorcycle embodies a perfect synergy of power and innovation. The hydrogen system acts as a range extender, drawing continuous energy from a Doosan fuel cell fed by a gas cylinder ingeniously positioned under the bike’s tail.

mit team-Hydrogen-Powered Ducati 900SS

While the video above may not depict the bike’s full potential, the MIT team is gearing up for an upgrade, planning to replace the off-the-shelf electric motor with a livelier, custom-designed counterpart. This signifies not just a technological enhancement but a testament to the team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance.

For electric vehicle enthusiasts, MIT’s Hydrogen-Powered Ducati 900SS represents a thrilling chapter in the journey towards cleaner, sustainable transportation. As the team pushes the boundaries of innovation, “Toothless” emerges as a symbol of progress in the exciting realm of electric vehicles and clean energy.