suzuki rm-z 250 front quarter

Suzuki is working on a new electric dirt bike, as indicated by recently leaked patents. The company is in advanced stages of development and aims to reveal the electric two-wheeler in the coming months.

Catching Up with Competitors

Honda and Yamaha have already introduced electric dirt bike prototypes. Now, Suzuki is entering the fray to stay competitive in this growing market.

Innovative Design

The leaked patents focus on the electric bike’s power delivery system. Suzuki uses reduction gears to streamline the motor’s power to the rear wheel, keeping the powertrain compact.

suzuki-electric dirt bike-patent-right-side-view

Building on the RM-Z

The new Suzuki electric dirt bike appears similar to the brand’s RM-Z series. By using the existing RM-Z chassis, Suzuki can save time and costs, leveraging a proven design for its first electric dirt bike model.

Racing First

It is being said that Suzuki has plans to test the new electric bike in races before making it available to the public, ensuring it meets high-performance standards.