Brixton-ADV-1200-right side patent

As per the new patent images, retro motorcycle manufacturer Brixton, owned by a Chinese firm, is developing a 1200cc adventure motorcycle based on its existing parallel twin-cylinder engine platform.

The upcoming model appears to draw inspiration from the Gaokin GK 1200, also known as the “Big Grasshopper.” This bike will feature the same engine as the Cromwell X 1200, a four-valve parallel twin-cylinder with a 1,222cc capacity, single overhead camshaft, and twin Dell’Orto throttle bodies.

Brixton-ADV-1200-left side patent

In the Cromwell X, this engine produces 82bhp at 6,550rpm and a robust 107 Nm of torque at 3,100rpm, ideal for a midrange, mid-weight adventure bike. Brixton is expected to tweak these specs for optimal performance in this new adventure model.

Key details such as suspension, brakes, and electronics are yet to be revealed. However, we can see in the patent images that the bike features USD front forks and a retro twin-shock rear setup. Based on Brixton’s other models, the braking system will likely be from Nissin, ensuring reliable stopping power.