Piston Kings Parade for The Bikeriders Movie
Image credit - Nazeeb Nahas

In celebration of the newly released movie ‘The Bikeriders’ at Roxy Cinemas, Dubai’s premium cinema brand, and in collaboration with the Piston Kings Motorcycle Community, over 25 bespoke motorcycles, ranging from vintage classics to sleek cafe racers and custom-designed motorcycles – will parade on Sunday 7 th July, between 6:30pm to 7:30pm around Roxy Cinemas, City Walk.

All motorbike fans are invited to witness a grand collection of Harley Davidsons,
Triumphs, and Royal Enfields, along with many other classic and custom motorcycles, as
the riders safely parade through the streets allowing the public to admire and appreciate
these iconic machines.

Piston Kings Parade for The Bikeriders Movie-dubai
Image credit – Nazeeb Nahas

Following the parade, and by 7:00pm, these masterpieces will be showcased outside
Roxy Cinemas City Walk, where guests will have an exciting opportunity to take pictures,
speak with the passionate bikers and learn more about the unique vehicles.

The parade is in collaboration with the Piston Kings, a motorcycle community of over 100
motorbikers from various countries including France, India, Columbia, Pakistan, UAE,
Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, South Africa, Ireland and more, where their shared passion
for modern classic motorcycles drives their commitment to various causes including
raising awareness about men’s mental health.

‘The Bikeriders’ is now showing at Roxy Cinemas located at City Walk and Dubai Hills
Mall. Fans can secure their spot to watch the movie by booking online at the Roxy
Cinemas website or through the Roxy Cinemas app, available for download on the App Store or Google Play.