custom indian sport chief front quarter

Indian Motorcycle and Krazy Horse reveal ‘RAGE’ – the custom Indian Sport Chief built for Richard Jones, bassist for the Welsh rock band, The Stereophonics. Using design elements from Jones himself, traditional fabrication methods for a more British look and performance modifications suitable for the British roads and riding style, ‘RAGE’ lives up to the name with its aggressive look.

custom indian sport chief right side

Krazy Horse, a long-time partner of Indian Motorcycle, has been building custom motorcycles for 28 years, working with trusted collaborators to build some of the finest custom Indian Motorcycles in the world. As part of the concept of the ‘RAGE’ build, the team were keen to use traditional methods where they could, including hand sand-cast detail elements that linked to the personal history of Richard Jones and a nod to the recent ‘Forged’ series of Sport Chief builds in the US.

custom indian sport chief engine cover logo

Richard Jones, a founding member of The Stereophonics, grew up in a traditional mining village in South Wales and followed his father into the steelworks before hitting the big time in music. Having started riding as early as 11, motorcycles have always been a part of Jones’ life, as have tattoos, a design element that has created a personal link to the build.

custom indian sport chief exhaust

Continuing the theme of traditionally handcrafted elements, Adrian Smith of Buckland Automotive Engineering was commissioned to make a one-off belly pan, wrapping around the front tyre in a performance style reminiscent of drag bakes. Hand-beaten and using traditional tooling from another era, the belly pan has three swages that tie into the triple LED lights in the headlight, accents that will be appreciated by those with a good eye for detail.

custom indian sport chief closeup

OJZ Engineering also brought their traditional specialist tube manipulation and fabrication skills to build a bespoke 2 into 1 performance exhaust that features quality bends, beautiful welds and a traditional megaphone style.

custom indian sport chief front fairing

Finished with a sprinkling of quality control parts from Wunderkind, an elegant paint scheme from Pageant Paint and the Rich Jones Ace of Spades design painted on the saddle by BamBam, ‘RAGE’ stands out as a uniquely British interpretation of the Indian Sport Chief and again highlights the vast customisation possibilities of the new Indian Chief lineup.