BMW M 1000 XR prototype has been revealed being ridden at the Isle of Man TT circuit. It is the 3rd M motorcycle from the German company that will take the performance range forward.

Since this is a prototype, things that you see wouldn’t reach the production model. However, it is enough to let the enthusiasts know what is coming. Just like other models in the XR series, the BMW M 1000 XR is a mixed breed with performance and touring capabilities but the focus seems to be more on the former.

The BMW M 1000 XR would come with advanced aerodynamics. We can say that thanks to the presence of winglets on the motorcycle. They should be able to provide the stability the bike would need at higher speeds.

bmw-m-1000-xr-prototype-front quarter

Speaking of speed, the M 1000 XR is expected to use a litre-class 4-cylinder engine with an output of around 200 horsepower that should be able to help the motorcycle reach close to 300 km/h. Another element aiding the bike in its performance would be the use of carbon fibre.

Although there is nothing official from BMW, it is being anticipated that more details about the final production model of the M 1000 XR would be revealed later this year.