Royal Enfield has been working on its first electric motorcycle for a while now. In fact, there have been reports in the past saying that the company will come up with a new machine by 2025. And now, based on the latest reports, it seems that Royal Enfield’s plan to do so is right on track.

Royal Enfield has a special division that is working on its electric motorcycle. Apart from that, the company enlisted Mario Alvisi, who formerly worked at Ducati, as the Chief Growth Officer of its EV business. The popular two-wheeler brand is working to achieve its goal of making not just an electric motorcycle but a competitive EV company.

Apart from focussing on developing its first electric motorcycle, Royal Enfield will continue to pay keen attention to its internal combustion lineup and launch new products in the market. The company has recently introduced the all-new Bullet 350 in India based on the latest J-series platform.