21 Countries on an Indian Scout Bobber

Brock Schadler, a keen motorcyclist hailing from Bend, Oregon, has embarked on an extraordinary adventure, riding his 2018 Indian Scout Bobber across 21 countries. Brock shares the highs, lows, and unexpected turns that have, so far, shaped his journey of a lifetime.

The Call of the Open Road

For over a decade, the road called out to Brock, urging him to ride from the Pacific Northwest to the southern tip of South America. The catalyst for his epic journey came unexpectedly on August 25th, 2023, when a casual invitation from a friend turned into a life-changing decision.

21 Countries on an Indian Scout Bobber

While Brock’s friend had to bail out due to his work commitments, Brock decided to take a stand and achieve his decade-old dream and started his epic journey to South America with no plan and no route in mind.

No Plan, No Problem

Unlike traditional road-trippers, Brock didn’t adhere to a predetermined plan or popular routes. His mantra is, “The fear is my compass, the fear is my guide.” and it was this unconventional approach that led him from Boise to Mexico, encountering setbacks and unforeseen challenges that only fueled his determination.


A lack of proper documentation threatened to halt Brock’s progress at the Mexican border. Instead of giving in to the setback, he navigated through North Carolina, Florida, New Orleans, and back to Austin, clocking 4500 miles (around 7200 km) before even touching Mexico.

Fear as a Driving Force

As Brock neared the border, the whispers of doubt from fellow riders and non-bikers amplified. He heard things like – That’s not safe. The cartel is going to steal your bike. I wouldn’t do that. And whatnot.

21 Countries on an Indian Scout Bobber

Yet, it was the fear that became his driving force. “If it doesn’t scare me, what’s the point?” he says. The journey through Mexico and beyond, however, proved to be safer and more awe-inspiring than the skeptics had predicted.

Motorcycle Brotherhood in Mexico

Crossing into Mexico was smooth and the first place that Brock visited was Monterrey, which was simply breathtaking. Then we went towards Mexico City before reaching Oaxaca and Chiapas.

21 Countries on an Indian Scout Bobber

Brock’s journey took an unexpected turn when he was initiated as an honorary member of the motorcycle club El Licantropos (The Werewolves) in Puebla, Mexico. This unique connection added a layer of camaraderie to his solo adventure.

From Guatemala to Nicaragua

Illegal border crossings, Google Maps misguidance (tried to convince me that I could ride across a water body), and a daring (small wooden) boat escapade in Guatemala (a magical place) marked some of the unforeseen challenges. Yet, Brock’s trusty Indian Scout Bobber endured, proving to be a resilient companion. It is a tank.

After exploring the north in Flores, Brock went back south to Antigua and then covered Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The Road Ahead

Brock is currently in Nicaragua. He is full of joy and in total awe of what his entire journey has been so far. He has 16 countries ahead of him with so much to explore.

21 Countries on an Indian Scout Bobber

He will be covering Costa Rica, the Panama over the next 2.5 weeks before shipping his bike to Colombia and continuing through South America. As a true adventurer embracing the unknown, Brock still doesn’t have a plan to carry out the rest of his trip.

You can follow Brock’s adventure on his Instagram as he continues to defy conventions and continue to live his 10-year-old dream.