Bike Talks by Bike Nation Magazine
Bike Talks by Bike Nation Magazine

The motorcycle industry in the UAE has grown tremendously in recent times. Today, there are more bikers, biker groups, biker cafes, etc. than ever before. However, when it comes to open discussions, we think there’s still a huge void in the motorcycle community. One of the reasons for that is, perhaps, the strict work schedule that we all follow throughout the week.

So to fill up that void, we, Bike Nation Magazine, have created a new platform called Bike Talks which will make its debut at the upcoming 2020 DXB Motorbike Festival.

What is Bike Talks?

Bike Talks is a brand-new platform created by the bikers at Bike Nation Magazine. As the name suggests, it includes open discussions on various topics related to the UAE motorcycle industry like genres of motorcycles and motorcycling, educational topics, women riders in the region, and much more. Apart from that, one of its primary objectives is to help bikers meet new like-minded people from different nationalities and bond together; expand their network.

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First Bike Talks at DXB Motorbike Festival

We will be organising our first Bike Talks session at the upcoming 2020 DXB Motorbike Festival. There will be a total of 8 sessions spread over 2 days. For each session, we will have dedicated time and duration and a bunch of panellists. Following is the detailed schedule of the event along with the direct links to each session’s Facebook Event Invitation Page.

Day 1 – Thursday, 9th January 2020

Session 1 – A Look at the Motorcycle Industry in the UAE – to join, click HERE.

About – This session will have a discussion with the industry experts about the history and present of the motorcycle market, the key elements of improving it, etc. The panellists will also share their vision of the future of the Motorcycle Industry in the UAE. This session is dedicated to all industry partners; that be motorbike dealers, aftermarket brands, workshops, bikers F&B outlets, and also motorcycle riders.


1. Karim Kassoul: General Manager, Specialized Sports Equipment (dealer of Indian Motorcycles, UAE)
2. JasjivSaluja: Founder and Owner at Motofever and High Note Performance
3. Vincent Vijay Bosco: Head of Sales at Society Motors (dealer of Piaggio brands)            4. Abdulla Al Senani: an entrepreneur and founder of Leather Design that was established in 2014. He started his modest yet unique business to cater to bikers community fashion desires and classic riders apparel.


Day 2 – Friday, 10th January 2020

Session 2 – WRWR: A Story Of Women Empowerment – to join, click HERE.

About- Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) will be coming to the UAE very soon. So what is WRWR and how is it related to women empowerment? The Litas Dubai will be telling the story of this wave that has overwhelmed the world, and their preparation for this event. This is a Not-To-Be-Missed discussion, so make sure to be there.

Panellist – The Litas Dubai: They are a Collective of women who love the open road and two-wheeled machines. The Litas is a group of women who love motorcycles. They come together over their common interest and are connected by that throughout the world. They are strong women who stand up for what they want and what they believe, with their mantra in mind, Raise Hell, Babes.

The Litas Dubai
The Litas Dubai

Session 3 – Around The World On A Vespa, to join, click HERE.

About- Ever used a Vespa to commute? Ever used it for a long trip? How about travelling around the world on a Vespa? Join us in this ‘Bike Talks’ session to hear the great stories and adventure of Ilario Lavarra, who is on a world tour onboard his 50 years old Vespa.

Panellist – Ilarrio Lavarra: He’s discovering the World on a scooter: 150,000kms on a 50-year-old VESPA!

Ilario Lavarra
Ilario Lavarra

Session 4 – Future of 2-Wheel Mobility, to join, click HERE.

About – With the evolution of electric vehicle technology and other sustainable sources of energy, we noticed the beginning of a change in the motorcycle world, where main manufacturers started lines of electric bikes. What does that hide in the sleeve? And how the future of petrol engine motorcycles looks like? This session is for all futuristic riders and riders who would like to know what the future hides for us.


1. Adam Ridgway: a seasoned businessman in the region. With a creative agency background running MEDIACUBED for the past decade, he has been developing a range of Electric Vehicles under the brand of ONE MOTO. With a fleet of six vehicles and an official UAE launch in Sept 2019, Adam and his team are focused to ensure the delivery industry switch to electric by 2021.
2. Martin Krepela: General Manager at Wheels Of Arabia UAE (Dealer of MV Agusta and new dealer of Energica Motors in the UAE)                                                          3. Wissam Al Jayousi: General Manager of Oldtimer and distributor of Zero Motorcycles in the Middle East

Session 5 – Motorcycle Racing: Who Is It For? To join, click HERE.

About – Ever wondered if you can race on a motorbike? What does it take? And is it for you? In this session of ‘Bike Talks,’ we will get some insights on the world of Motorcycle racing in the UAE, we will hear from the experts about their experiences and what advice they will give you to start your passion. This session is dedicated to all sportbike enthusiasts, track lovers, and any biker who see themselves racing on the track one day.


1. Mahmoud Tannir: a professional seasoned motorcycle racer and a respected racer in the motorsport community. He’s a 5x UAE Sportbike Championship.
2. Saska Totaro: an Italian-South African racer, racing Superbikes for over 20 years. He participated in multiple race categories since 1987, in the motocross series, Superbike/Supersport and Superstock. He was also a race factory test rider for multiple motorcycle brands, race teams and official instructor at the Ducati riding academy.
3. Katherina Nazarova AKA Shark Katrin: a female professional racer who has participated in the UAE Sportbike Championship multiple times.
4. Kyle Kumm: General Manager of Furiosa Racing, the organizers of National Sportsbike Super Series

Session 6 – Unveiling The Beast – Aprilia RSV4 X

About – Join us for the most anticipated unveiling of the year. Society Motors UAE will be taking the cover off this -ONE OF TEN- limited edition bike – the Aprilia RSV4 X.

Panellist- Vincent Vijay Bosco: Head of Sales at Society Motors (dealer of Piaggio brands)

Session 7 – Urban Riding & Café Racers, to join, click HERE.

About – Is there a move towards Urban Riding? Are the open roads and long-distance rides being replaced with short city rides? In this session of ‘Bike Talks’ we shed the light on the history of Cafe Racers and urban riding, and how is it impacting today’s motorcycle community. This session is dedicated to all retro style, cafe racer, scrambler, and urban bikes enthusiasts, and everyone that like to know more about this riding style.


1. Alan Boyter: Founder of VR Customs and professional bike builder.
2. Anwar Hussain: Manager at Cafe Rider and cafe racer community member.                  3.Del Michael Gasan: Founder of Café Racers Middle East, Casa De Maquinas, and Art Of Motorcycles, & a bike builder.

Session 8 – Motocross Vs. Adventure, to join, click HERE.

About – What’s the difference between Motocross and Adventure riding? What suits you better? And where should you start? In this session of ‘Bike Talks,’ we go back to the basics of dirt riding and off-roading. So if you have those sounds inside your head telling to go off the roads to the sand and gravel then this session is for you.


1. Martinette Van Vuuren: Experienced motocross and off-road rider and founder of Grit Girls, the fist off-road female group in the UAE which is an open bike riders community aimed at encouraging ladies to enter the sport, unleashing their inner grit and determination alongside the best of the best.
2. Oliver Dharma-Ratne: With more than 20 years of street, motocross and enduro riding experience all over the globe, Oliver has gained what it takes to be a great coach and trainer for all kind of riding. Currently, he works with KTM UAE.
3. Toni Saliba: One of the most passionate adventure riders in the region, Toni is an adventurer by soul, he takes literally any 2 wheels and an engine machine to great places, and he usually uses unpaved routes to get to the amazing places he goes to. He is also the founder of ‘WeRide Adventures’ that provides motorcycle adventure trips and training.

Future of Bike Talks

We at Bike Nation truly wants to create a motorcycling culture and community here in the UAE of which everyone likes and wants to be a part of. And we believe one way of achieving that is developing a giant network and strong bond amongst the bikers of the region.

With Bike Talks, in a way, we are trying to achieve just that by providing a platform to the bikers to come together, have a good time, and create a network and bond that would last for a lifetime.

We will be there at the DXB Motobike Festival, so make sure you drop by at the Bike Talks.