Zero SR-S-uae-dubai

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its first fully-faired electric motorcycle called SR/S. It is based on its naked counterpart, the SR/F and borrows its many parts and components. The actual and official unveiling of the SR/S was planned for February 24, however, a leaked video of the e-bike revealed almost everything and perhaps that’s why Zero decided to pre-pone the unveiling.

With the SR/S, it appears that Zero is trying its hand in the sports-touring segment. Even though the SR/S is a fully-faired motorcycle, its riding position has been made upright and less sporty than that of SR/F, which means the rider would be more relaxed and should be able to cover long distances easily. Also, the lower footpegs and additional windscreen work for the same cause.

Zero claims that the fairing of the SR/S is aerodynamically designed which increases the highway range of the e-bike by 13 percent. Talking about the range, both the Standard and Premium variants of the SR/S are expected to provide 260km of city range (175km combined, 131km on the highway) which can be increased to 323km (218km combined, 165km on the highway) by adding a Power Tank.

Zero SR/S has the same ZF75-10 electric motor with the ZF14.4kWh lithium-ion battery that we’ve seen in the SR/F. This means the power and torque figures are the same too – 110hp and 190Nm). The bike can achieve a top speed of 200km/h. While these figures are similar, Zero has improved the charging time of the battery pack – 0-95 percent takes around an hour with the 6kWh fast charger and four hours with the 3kWh charger.

Zero SR-S-uae-dubai

As far as the electronics are concerned, the SR/S features-

Bosch’ stability control technology
Cornering ABS
14 ridings modes (Rain, Sport, Eco, Street, and 10 customisable settings)
Zero’s Cypher III operating system
Smartphone integration, etc.