There’s no denying that some of the world’s best roads to ride on are in Europe. And it’s usually during May-June when most of the motorcyclists take off to enjoy these scenic routes. Also, many motorcycle-touring companies conduct various tours during this period. Today, we have information about a European tour that would take you through the Austrian and Slovenian Alps.

Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd. announced a new motorcycle itinerary highlighting the Austrian and Slovenian Alps. Starting in Munich, the 9-day tour will travel through Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. Tour dates will be May 30 through June 8, 2020, scheduled perfectly to capture spring riding in the Alps.

“This new itinerary offers a beautiful blend of stunning scenery, very comfortable lodgings, picturesque stops, and magical little roads,” said Rob Beach, CEO and Tour Leader, who has guided more than 200 tours worldwide. “The mountains here will definitely stir a rider’s soul. Between the beautiful vistas, quiet Austrian roads, and rolling hills and farmland we venture through, the riding on this tour is simply unforgettable.”

The Austrian Steiermark, an area largely unknown to North Americans, features scenery best enjoyed from the seat of a motorcycle. Water in alpine lakes glistens with stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains. Snow-capped peaks contrast with the lush green fields below. LakeBled is on the itinerary for two overnights in choice accommodations. And no trip focusing on Austria would be complete without a crossing of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Climbing the pass on a road cut between 20+ foot-tall snow banks is an experience that will not be easy to forget.

“Our new Alpine Apogee tour exposes riders to an interesting mix of cultures—from Slavic cultures in Slovenia, the Germanic cultures in Germany and Austria, and even a little bit of Northern Italy. After conquering dozens of major mountain passes, riding breathtaking panoramic routes and visiting fascinating Alpine towns, every tour member will have a very full scrapbook of memories to bring home,” said Beach.