harley davidson-electric motorcycle-mid power-uae-dubai

Ever since Harley-Davidson revealed about its intentions in stepping into the electric motorcycle arena, it made it quite clear that there would be multiple products. Out of those products, Harley delivered one – the LiveWire; its first electric motorcycle ever. Now, we have a bunch of new sketches of an electric motorcycle which could be Harley’s second e-bike.

As of now, it is referred to as “Mid Power” and we can see why. It is relatively much lighter and compact than the LiveWire. It would feature a smaller battery back and electric motor. Obviously, we don’t have any figures yet.

harley davidson-electric motorcycle-mid power-uae-dubai

In terms of design, the “Mid Power” seems to carry a flat-track DNA. It would have knobbier tyres, LED lights, USD forks at the front and monoshock at the rear, newly designed swingarm, and minimalistic bodywork. All of it is very unconventional for a Harley. But again, Harley did make LiveWire which was too pretty unconventional for a firm which has always been into cruisers, baggers, and softails.

We are expecting to see more information about this “Mid Power” in the coming months. Right now, it is quite clear that it is pretty far away from hitting the production line. Speculations say that it would hit the market sometime around 2021-22.

Source – electrek