damon HyperFighter right side

Damon Motors has officially unveiled the newest edition to its family of motorcycles: HyperFighter, a raw, muscular-silhouetted, electrifying streetfighter motorcycle built for a new generation of urban riders. The company introduced the HyperFighter Colossus motorcycle, as well as a future model, HyperFighter Unlimited, available in two power options. The HyperFighter is derived from Damon’s first multi-award-winning bike, HyperSport, and is built upon the company’s groundbreaking HyperDrive technology. HyperDrive is the world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain; which also received a CES 2022 Innovation Award.

In addition to being equipped with HyperDrive, all HyperFighter motorcycles feature:


360-degree advanced warning system that uses radar, cameras and non-visual sensors to track the speed, direction and velocity of up to 64 moving objects around the motorcycle for unparalleled situational awareness.

damon HyperFighter at ces 2022


At the push of a button, patented electronic ergonomics allow riders to transform their riding position with adjustable handlebars position and a retractable windscreen to dramatically reduce wind resistance and increase long-range comfort, all while in motion.


Design your ride with HyperFighter Unlimited customizable body kits and graphic packages. Whether you’re a commuter, track or stunt rider, there are options for everyone to create their own unique bike. Online configurator available later in Q1-22.

The HyperFighter Unlimited 20 features a 20 kWh battery. It has 200 BHP and over 200 Nm of torque. The electric motorcycle is capable of doing 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds and attains 100 mph in less than 5 seconds. It has a top speed of 170 mph. In a full charge, it can offer a max range of 146 miles.

damon HyperFighter at ces

On the other hand, the HyperFighter Unlimited 15 comes with a 15 kWh battery. The power output here is 150 BHP but the torque remains the same at over 200 Nm. the 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph times remain unchanged as well. However, the max range dips to 120 miles.

Then there’s the top-of-the-line HyperFighter Colossus. It has similar specs as the HyperFighter Unlimited 20 but features premium wheels and a body kit.