Harley-Davidson electric logo-uae-dubai

Harley-Davidson LiveWire was the brand’s first electric motorcycle. Even though it’s a great machine and received appreciation and good reviews from many publications, it couldn’t do well in the market. But that didn’t stop the American motorcycle manufacturer from working on electric two-wheelers.

The latest news suggests that Harley-Davidson has filed two new ‘electric’ logos with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, for use on either electric bicycles or electric motorcycles.

harley davidson-electric motorcycle-mid power-uae-dubai

One logo is circular in shape and bears the brand’s name. There’s also a symbol of a lightning bolt piercing through the centre of the round logo. The other logo looks like a shield and has ‘HD’ written on it. It also has the same lighting bolt symbol.

Going with the design of these logos, it appears that Harley-Davidson would use them in its future electric two-wheelers, including electric-assisted bicycles and electric motorcycles. At this point, it is unclear which logo would represent what.

harley davidson-electric motorcycle-mid power-uae-dubai

Recently, we reported about HD’s upcoming electric motorcycle which was referred to as ‘Mid-powered’. It featured a slim and lightweight design. It would get a set of dual-purpose tyres and full-LED lighting. Its performance figures are unknown but we are hoping to get more information about this machine in the future. And, perhaps, find one of the two ‘electric’ logos on it.