Triumph Rocket 3 R on track-uae-dubai

Unveiled last year, the all-new Triumph Rocket 3 features the world’s biggest engine to be fitted in a production motorcycle – a gigantic 2,500cc, in-line 3-cylinder engine which produces 165 horsepower and a ground-breaking 221 Nm of torque. Apparently, these figures are more than sufficient to propel this motorcycle like a rocket.

So to test out the sheer acceleration of the Rocket 3, Triumph went to the Cartagena track in Spain in October last year. And the results were nerve-wracking. The Rocket 3 did the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 2.73 seconds! That’s a new Triumph production motorcycle record for 0-100 km/h run.

The rider of the record-breaking Rocket 3 said, “It was great to experience this truly incredible acceleration. It’s hard to describe just what this motorcycle is capable of. The Rocket 3 R was well prepared and I felt very confident – even in this racetrack setup. As early as the first attempt we made, I felt that the acceleration was so strong and that we would be successful. The Rocket 3 R ran perfectly and the track and weather conditions were ideal. The whole team did a fantastic job.”

After the 0-60 record, the team were also able to enjoy taking the Rocket to its limits on the track, even sliding it into corners at speed and showing just how nimble and dynamic the handling is.

Triumph Rocket 3 R 0-100kmph-uae-dubai

In preparation for the record attempt, a team of engineers from various disciplines prepared a pre-production version of the all-new Rocket 3 under the direction of Triumph’s Chief Engineer Stuart Wood. In addition to achieving optimum grip, the team attached great importance to making weight savings across the bike, but even so, the Rocket 3 R was in near-production setup: only the mirrors and number-plate holder were removed as required for the racetrack environment.

The tyres were provided by the British tire-manufacturer Avon, who has been Triumph’s tyre partner for the Rocket 3 project and ensured the necessary grip and stability. The Avon Cobra Chrome tyres already used on the Rocket 3 lineup were developed especially for this model and offer exceptional grip and incredible durability.