It seems that people have accepted the fact that electric motorcycles will play a major role in the future of the motorcycle industry. Even now, we have got quite a handful of really capable electric bikes that are very tempting.

However, the feel on an internal combustion engine is still and will always be missing. And lately, there has been this trend of custom electric motorcycles that have been put together by utilizing some classic looks and modern electric motors. We came across one such beautiful custom electric cafe racer called ‘The Majestic’.

This machine is clearly a work in progress and seems to be in the initial stages. It is a project of Caffeine and Octane’s Bryan Fuller and his company, Fuller Moto. It appears to be a very quiet project as there has been no news of it on the company’s website. However, this prototype was spotted in one of caferacersofinstagram’s posts.


We came to know from this post that Fuller’s Majestic is based on Zero FX electric bike. We are assuming that the frame or something must have been taken as a starting point because the Majestic looks nowhere close to the original Zero motorcycle. It looks like an electric bike from the future. Since it is still in its construction phase we don’t have many details about it.


It looks pretty great; it is slim, sleek, and appears to be very aerodynamic in nature. I think it would turn out to be a pretty dope project once completed. And we’re looking forward to it. We will be keeping an eye out and will update you guys with more details about the Majestic. Until then admire the work in progress. Do let us know what do you have to say about it. Here are some more pictures.