two-seater Tesla electric ATV-uae-dubai
Two-seater Tesla electric ATV

It seems that the transformation from conventional petrol-powered engines to electric motors was smooth and seamless for the dirt bikes sector/industry. Perhaps, because slapping on an electric motor in a dirt bike appears more sensible than doing the same for a road-going motorcycle. Don’t you think so?

Dirt bikes usually cover short distances and need low-end torque for fighting the unexpected terrain conditions. And that’s what electric motors provide. They have all the torque available right from the word go and they suffer from limited range in a single charge.

Anyway, we do have some great electric dirt bikes available in the market today – KTM, Alta Motors, etc. – and, perhaps, one day Tesla would, too, come up with its own electric dirt bike!

Replying to a tweet, Elon Musk said, ‘Electric dirt bikes would be cool’. This statement could either mean nothing or everything, we can’t say right now. However, we’d like to be optimistic about the future. Elon also said that Tesla wouldn’t do road bikes as they’re too dangerous and he himself had a near-death experience when he was 17.

Would you want to see a Tesla electric dirt bike?