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One of the most important things (documents/ID) that you need to have if you’re living in the UAE is a driving license. Dubai has an extensive public transport network that would take you to your destination without a hassle but wouldn’t you like to ride to work on your own bike? For that, you need to have a motorcycle license. Here’s how you can get one.


Individual customers, citizens, and residents are eligible to apply for a motorcycle license. Minimum age requirement for motorcycle driving license is 17 years.

Documents required-
  1. Original Emirates ID.
  2. Passport (original and copy) with residence stamp.
  3. No-Objection Certificate from employer and eight photos.
  4. Eye test – An eye test can be done either with an optician or at your driving school. The receipt of the test must be submitted at your driving school.
  1. Register yourself at any one of the authorized driving institutes for a preferred course. There are many such institutes or schools in the city. We at Bike Nation recommend the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) because of its good reputation and years of experience.
  2. Theory tests – Your preferred course will begin with theory lectures. It’s mandatory to take all the lectures for 8 hours before starting practical training classes.
  3. After passing your theory tests you start your practical training.
  4. Once you’re done with your practical training you can book your RTA assessment test.
  5. The next step is to book and attend the final RTA road test.
  6. If passed, collect your motorcycle driving license.
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  1. Your driving institute will help you at each stage.
  2. If you fail, you need to register with your driving school again for at least seven more classes and get a new road test date.
  3. There are several sub-steps involved which might depend on the course you picked.
  4. Students seeking a motorcycle driving license training classes must wear safety steel toe boots that are high enough to cover the ankle, full-length sleeves shirt/t-shirt, & full-length trousers whenever riding.
  5. These steps are valid only for beginners.


UAE has one of the strictest driving tests in the world and it is also very expensive to get. So make sure you take the entire process very seriously. Even a slight mistake could cost you a lot of time and money. However, if you pay attention to the theory classes, chances are you’d perform well in the practicals as well, which would give you the confidence to nail your final RTA road test.

All the training and knowledge that you would need to get your motorcycle driving license will be provided by the driving institute or school that you would opt to sign up with. Therefore, selecting a good institute is crucial. Although there are various such institutes in the UAE, Emirates Driving Institute or EDI is one of the best ones available. It is the largest and the most successful Driving Institute in Dubai and the Middle East and has been in operation since 1991.

For any further information, you can check out RTA’s official website or contact RTA call center on 8009090. You can also reach out to the EDI at +971 4 263 1100