Indian Motorcycle will be participating in the 2019 Sultans of Sprint Races and this year it will have a customized Scout Bobber for its entry in the Factory Class of the event. Since Indian takes motorsports very seriously, its entry bike needs to be one hell of a motorcycle. And Workhorse Speed Shop will be doing just that.

Sultans of Sprint is a racing series that brings together the best bike builders from the new custom bike scene in Europe to race and to party. Its key festivals take place in Italy, Belgium, Germany, and France. There are numerous categories in which racing takes place. Last year, Indian had a custom-built FTR1200 for the Factory Class. This time it has put its bet on a unique Scout Bobber racer.


“During the 2018 Sultans of Sprint series, I was really impressed with the bike by Workhorse Speed Shop,” says Grant Bester, Vice President and General Manager for Indian Motorcycle EMEA. “Talking with Brice, I realised that he has a real talent for telling a story through his work. This brought Brice right to the front of my mind to create something special for our 2019 Sultans entry. I am really looking forward to unveiling the final build and revealing the inspiration behind it.”

Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speed Shop-uae-dubai
Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speed Shop

Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speed Shop will be transforming a Bobber over the coming weeks with technical expertise and premium components from project partners Akrapovič, MOTOREX, and Öhlins. Brice founded the Workhorse Speed Shop in 2016. Since then he has become known for exceptional creations which use the history surrounding the donor motorcycle as their inspiration.


Speaking about his new project, Brice says, “It’s a real pleasure to work on this project for Indian. With such a rich legacy to draw on it’s going to be an exciting journey transforming the Scout Bobber into a full-blooded sprint racer. I think that people will really be surprised by the end result.”

“Although I don’t want to reveal too much at this early stage, work has already begun,” continues Brice. “The Bobber has been stripped down to a rolling chassis and I’ve narrowed the fuel tank by 200mm, although it now won’t be housing the fuel, but more on that in the future. I’m experimenting with wheels, more for sizing than design at this stage, and I’ve fabricated the aluminium sub-frame to support the rider during fast launches.”


The project is still in its development stages. After sorting out a few more things, Brian and the Scout Bobber will soon be visiting Akrapovič to get a custom-built exhaust. Akrapovič has been building the Low-Mount Slip-On exhausts for the FTR 1200. It is the best brand to create a bespoke exhaust system to obtain maximum output and extract the best possible sound from the 1133cc V-Twin.


Brian will also be visiting MOTOREX which deals in advanced motorcycle lubricants. Having achieved numerous motorcycle racing triumphs, MOTOREX lubricants will ensure the Scout Bobber benefits from maximum power, optimum performance of the clutch and precise gear shifts.


As far as the suspension is concerned, Ohlins is providing Workhorse with a complete package of its advanced suspension technology including front forks, matching rear shock and a steering damper.

You can track the progress of the Scout Bobber sprint racer project on different social media platforms in the coming weeks. The final product is definitely going to be mind-blowing.