yamaha mt-07 front quarter

Yamaha is set to bring a (pleasant?) change in the riding experience with its latest innovation – a semi-automatic transmission for the iconic MT-07. Recent patent filings reveal that the system is not only tailored for the MT-07 but also adaptable to other motorcycles equipped with the 690cc CP2 twin-cylinder engine.

The semi-automatic setup eliminates the need for a clutch lever and a gear lever, replacing them with intuitive buttons conveniently placed on the left handlebar. These buttons actuate mechanisms positioned above the transmission, enabling seamless and clutchless gear shifts, promising a smoother ride.

Derived from Yamaha’s ACC-S system, previously featured in the 2006 Yamaha FJR1300, reports suggest that the new system may also offer a fully-automatic mode for added convenience.

Unlike previous designs, Yamaha’s latest system situates the actuators outside the transmission housing, with the control module strategically placed on the frame near the headstock. This setup has been showcased on both the MT-07 and the Yamaha R7, indicating its potential application to other models utilizing the 690cc CP2 twin-cylinder engine, such as the Tenere 700 and Tracer 7.

Moreover, the MT-07 depicted in the patents hints at an upcoming generation change, featuring revamped bodywork, air ducts on the fuel tank to supply air to the control modules for the semi-automatic transmission, and inverted front forks.