ducati multistrada v4 european tour of 60000 km

The 60,000 km journey through six European countries starts on Friday 19 April. A relay event that will see thirty enthusiasts as protagonists, each of whom will have the opportunity to write, together with Ducati, a part of the history of this tour by covering 2,000 km astride a Multistrada V4 Rally.

A Multistrada V4 Rally will travel from April to the end of February 2025, from France to the United Kingdom, from Poland to Austria, to Spain and Portugal before concluding its journey in Italy. A journey that will be illustrated by each of the protagonists on the dedicated website and on the Ducati social platforms, gradually making up a mosaic of landscapes, experiences and unforgettable emotions.

2024 ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour front quarter

The journey starts from Nice and will continue to the United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Spain and Portugal. The journey will then end with the last leg in Italy, where the Multistrada will reach the Ducati factory to celebrate the feat.

The Multistrada V4 Rally is a motorcycle designed for the most demanding travellers who want to reach the furthest destinations without stopping for anything. The bike that takes the globetrotting spirit of the Multistrada V4 to an even higher level, thanks to better comfort for rider and passenger, greater autonomy and advanced suspension that makes both road and off-road use even easier.

ducati multistrada v4 rally jump

The result is a motorcycle that is as comfortable on dirt roads as it is in modern metropolises: the perfect choice for those who want to reach every destination with maximum comfort and safety, while enjoying typical Ducati riding sensations.

And as with the entire Multistrada V4 family, performance, reliability and management costs are benchmarks thanks to maintenance intervals every 60,000 km, the entire length of this adventure, and Oil Service every 15,000 km/24 months.