Suzuki Hayabusa VVT Variable Valve Timing Patent

We witnessed a number of changes in the latest iteration of the Suzuki Hayabusa that have helped the legendary motorcycle once again get a hold of the hearts of many. While enthusiasts continue to enjoy the current model, Suzuki is said to be working on an update to implement VVT into the motorcycle.

As per a media report, new patents reveal that Suzuki is working on the VVT system for the Hayabusa by making some key changes to the existing motorcycle and avoiding expensive redesigns of major parts like the frame.

The patents suggest that the new VVT system isn’t a revolutionary design but a conventional hydraulic system. It is being said that Suzuki has gone ahead with this design so that it doesn’t have to make major changes to the motorcycle’s frame and chassis and hence reduce the overall development costs.

If Suzuki plans to introduce the VVT tech in the Hayabusa, it wouldn’t do it in the 2024 model as it has already been launched in different markets. So perhaps, the 2025 Suzuki Hayabusa could come with VVT.