Triumph Motorcycles has introduced a new feature to its advanced Showa semi-active suspension, enhancing the all-new Tiger 1200 range that made its debut in November 2021.

This feature, known as the Active Preload Reduction, has been specifically developed to decrease the rear suspension preload as the Tiger 1200 decelerates, facilitating a reduction in seat height.

Within the GT, GT Pro, and GT Explorer models, seat height options currently stand at 33.5 in. and 34.3 in., while the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer variants, are 34.4 in. and 35.2 in. Through the application of an accessory-fit low seat option, riders can already lower the seat by an additional 0.8 inches, resulting in a minimum seat height of 32.7 inches for the GT family and 33.6 inches for the Rally family.

The freshly introduced Active Preload Reduction feature extends the capacity to further lower these seat heights. Depending on the cumulative weight of the rider, passenger, and luggage, this innovation can potentially decrease the ride height by up to 0.8 inches when the motorcycle comes to a halt, thereby assisting in rider convenience and confidence. The initiation of this new minimum preload setting is as simple as pressing the ‘Home’ button on the switch cube for a second.

This update will be made accessible to current Tiger 1200 owners through their dealers during their upcoming service appointments.