honda cb750 four scale model front quarter

Having a collection of scale models of your favourite motorcycles is a common activity/hobby amongst bike enthusiasts. However, what isn’t common is a Honda CB750 Four, whether it’s an actual motorcycle or its scale model.

honda cb750 four scale model size

While it’s difficult to find a maintained CB750 Four in today’s time, getting its replica for your collection isn’t that challenging thanks to the German model kit specialist Franzis.

honda cb750 four scale model kit

Franzis has built a 1/24 scale model of the Honda CB750 Four, one of the most iconic motorcycles ever made. The kit isn’t as elaborative as a LEGO set but it has a few parts that need to be assembled to have the final product. There is also a plastic base with a sound module that plays the sweet melody of the 736cc, SOHC, inline-four engine.

honda cb750 four scale model kit items

The kit has been designed for enthusiasts who are 14 years young and above. But it’s a replica that’s going to complete your scale model collection. As for the pricing, the Honda CB750 Four scale model is a bit expensive at Euro 89.95 which converts to around AED 364.