When you hear of Triumph’s Rocket 3, you know that things are about to get serious. I mean, a motorcycle with a 2500cc engine that we usually see in cars, producing around 165 bhp and 220 Nm – it would mean nothing else but business.


But as if things weren’t crazy enough, so Triumph came up with the TFC version of the Rocket 3 – 179 bhp and 223 Nm. While these are some impressive figures, there appear to be nothing but a joke in front of the custom Rocket 3 by Britain’s TTS Performance.


These guys have slapped on a Rotrex C30-94 supercharger to the Rocket 3, equipped the motorcycle with custom cams, modified pistons, and a Zard exhaust system, and turned their magic wand to come up with a Rocket 3 that’s literally a rocket – 342 bhp and 372 Nm on the dyno.


After developing this kit, TTS Performance is now offering it to customers for around USD 9,800 (AED 35,995). For their custom pistons and camshafts, you will have to shell out an extra USD 1,850 (AED 6,795).

Who all are getting this kit, then?