Airoh, a world-renowned motorcycle helmet manufacturer, has revealed the world’s first motorcycle helmet concept with an integrated airbag. The latest innovation is inspired by the work of the young engineer Roberta Descrovi and realized in collaboration with Autoliv (ALV), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems.

This innovation is the world’s first motorcycle helmet concept with an integrated airbag for enhanced head protection and is likely to redefine the perception of helmet safety in the motorcycle industry.

airoh airbag helmet top left

For over two years, Airoh’s R&D dept, and Autoliv, have conducted a pre-study to define how a motorcycle helmet could be designed with an integrated airbag without critically compromising the design, weight or comfort of a helmet designed with integrated airbag technology.

Inflating from the crown of the helmet surrounding the central air vents, the airbag is electronically deployed during an accident – said to provide greater energy absorption away from the rider’s head than a conventional helmet. It is deployed via an integrated gas generator using similar tech to what you’d find in your car’s dashboard, with smaller sections of the outer shell designed to open and move, to allow inflation.