Touring on motorcycles is one of those things in the world which can’t be described or explained. To know what it is, what it feels like to travel around the world, see uncharted territories, meet like-minded people, and perhaps, make life-long friends; doing all that on a motorbike, you need to do it yourself.

Today, motorcycle touring has become quite popular. Various companies conduct many tours and take care of everything, from bikes to accommodations to the route. Many of such routes revolve around Europe as it has some of the world’s beautiful places and roads.

Some tour companies also offer international tours. For example, they would take you to India so that you can visit the Himalayas and check that off from your bucket list. Indeed, the Himalayas, Khardunga La Pass (the world’s highest motorable pass), Spiti; all are gorgeous places. However, they are crowded with international riders.

So, a bunch of guys from Bonafide Moto Co, a brand that curates interesting motorcycle tours in Sub-Saharan Africa, decided to take a different approach. They decided to skip the mountains in Northern India and go deep into the land of diversity, towards Southwest to a place called Kerala which is known as ‘God’s own country’.

It was a group of five friends hailing from different countries around the globe who ventured out for a 7-day long trip on Royal Enfield motorbikes and little did they know that they’d have an experience, an adventure of a lifetime. And they named this tour ‘The Lost Tusk’.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release:

“We aimed to explore a variety of the areas that the Kerala region offers, and we sure got that. In our 7 days on the road, we went through extremely busy cities and quiet, majestic tea regions where the eye can’t quite comprehend the landscape. We stopped alongside lakes in forest regions where not another soul could be seen, secret beach locations where locals helped us cross a walking path bridge and allowed us to swing hammocks between palm trees on their private land. From the humid & luscious backwaters to hot & arid areas through Tiger reserves, we battled through rugged jungle dirt roads with trees engulfing our heads and the sound of our Enfield’s thumping beneath us.

While the roads and scenery are often why we chose riding, Kerala has something truly unique that we weren’t expecting for us to love so much, their people. The people of Kerala were remarkably inviting, humble, intrigued, and generous. No matter where we stopped they all had questions of what we were doing, where we were from and how much longer we were going to stay in their country, India.

Their hospitality was second to none and they sure as hell can cook. The range of places we stayed and ate were all over the charts but we would give them all 5 stars for the memories they gave us that we’ll never forget.”

Like we said earlier, you would have to do it yourself to have a true experience. Words simply can’t do justice to adventures like the Lost Tusk. Fortunately, these guys would be taking a trip to Kerela in the future. Reach out to them, if you would like to be a part of their adventure and make some unforgettable memories and epic stories to tell.

Content Source: Joe Fleming from Bonafide Moto Co

Image Source: @SoTallRightNow from @BonafideMotoCo