Honda 1100cc-twin-naked bike-patent-uae-dubai

It seems that Honda has decided to play aggressive this fiscal year. Just recently news about the Japanese company working on a litre-class cruiser to give some competition to Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle caught everyone’s attention. It has been reported that this new motorcycle could be a higher-displacement version of the Rebel which would see the use of the 2020 Africa Twin’s engine.

Now, there is a couple of leaked patent images which suggest that Honda might use its 1100cc twin-cylinder engine in another product, too.

Honda 1100cc-twin-naked bike-patent-uae-dubai

At first, we thought that the patent images are of the Rebel 1100, however, that’s not the case. The motorcycle in the images has a high-rise tail which isn’t similar to the Rebel’s low, cruiser-type style. Also, the subframe is very different. It is positioned higher up on the frame. All this suggests that this bike would be a naked model. Perhaps, a light one with an upright riding posture and maybe just the right amount of aggressiveness.

The 1100cc twin-cylinder engine on the new 2020 Africa Twin churns out 101 PS and 105 Nm of torque. These figures should be more than sufficient to make a naked motorcycle of this sorts quite fun to ride.

However, it would be too early to comment on what exactly the Japanese have got their minds on. Filing a patent doesn’t confirm the arrival of a new motorcycle. So we would need to just hold on and wait to get more info this.