ruroc joker helmet

London-based helmet manufacturer, Ruroc, has collaborated with DC and launched two exciting new helmets with Joker and Batman graphics that should be able to lure in DC fans. Ruroc is known for implementing crazy design details in its helmets and the two new graphics are clear examples of the same.

The Joker ATLAS 3.0 flaunts graphics that represent the Joker’s grin and hairstyle. The smoked visor adds to the overall menacing look of the helmet. We believe that Ruroc is also offering a mirror finish visor option, too. However, this tinted one suits the character of the product just fine.

ruroc batman helmet

Then we have the Batman ATLAS 3.0 which seems to have a matte finish and comes with a smoked visor. There’s also a “Batman Logo” on the left side enhancing the overall visual appeal. We also like the design of this helmet.

If we would have to pick between these two, we would go with the Joker ATLAS 3.0. What about you?