ktm duke lean left on track

If you are looking for a track school in Dubai to either learn how to ride a motorcycle on a race track or to hone your riding skills, you should definitely check out the Track Academy Rider Training School by Furiosa Racing. New dates for the upcoming sessions have been announced with limited slots.

Track Academy Rider Training School by Furiosa Racing is a rider-training course that has been designed to make riders more comfortable and confident in all aspects of cornering. The training is hosted on the Hill layout of the Dubai Autodrome with personalised coaching which covers clearly demonstrated steps in each level.

Level 1 – Visual markers, turn set up and the turn
Level 2 – Peripheral vision, quick turn and turn exit
Level 3 – Body position

furiosa racing-track school-dubai-sept-2021

Debriefings and questions are covered by coaches after each on-track session (5x on-track sessions) through the day with an overall personalised riding analysis given to each rider in conjunction with personalised video footage.

All riders are welcome, whether you have just started riding or if you feel you need a refresher to sharpen up your riding skills. Riders do not have to attend every day, it is optional but all riders need to start with Level 1. Motorcycle rentals and full riding gear can be arranged on request.

Upcoming sessions:

3 Sept – Friday
11 Sept – Saturday
17 Sept – Friday
(All days – arrive by 6:15 am with briefing starting at 6 am)


1,500 AED for a single day booking
3,750 AED for 3 days booking
Limited slots

For more information, visit Furiosa Racing official website.