Coronavirus has caused immeasurable devastation to global health, world economy, and the motorcycle industry. Italy is one of the worst affected countries with various new positive cases being reported.

Various motorcycle brands are shutting down factories due to Coronavirus scare. But MV Agusta isn’t. It is following a different path and has recently announced that its manufacturing facility in Varese, Italy will continue to operate.

MV Agusta said that this decision has been taken only after having an agreement with its worker representatives. The factory will function in full compliance with Italian restrictions and quarantines concerning the health epidemic.

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There will be fewer workers in the factory. Also, many measures have been put in place to prevent and contain the spread of the virus, like face masks, gloves, sanitizing gels, and detergents, as well as restricting gatherings of workers.

MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov, said, “We believe it is our duty not to give up in this crisis situation so that the economy of this community can recover once the emergency is over. We took this decision with a great sense of responsibility, towards our employees in the first place, but also towards our local community, which cannot afford a breakdown of its production capability, and towards all the related industries on which so many workers and their families depend.”