Klim Edge Off-Road Goggle with rider

Expanding its wide range of dirt bike optics and solidifying its place with top-shelf off-road riding gear, Klim has released its new Edge Off-Road goggles with premium features including a huge field of view, great comfort, and magnetic + quick release lens replacement. Klim’s latest product also has an impressive and sleek frameless construction.

Klim Edge Off-Road Goggle closeup

Klim says that it has developed its new Edge Off-Road goggles entirely from the ground up, building on years of feedback and testing while making goggles – both for snowmobile and motorcycle riders.

Huge Field of View

To achieve a maximum field of view, the Edge uses a frameless design where low profile magnets guide the lens into place while a slide lock secures it – this makes the lens area as broad as possible while fitting inside a helmet. Further, the injection-moulded lens is almost perfectly optically correct, avoiding distortions found in other lens types. Anti-fog coating, perimeter frame vents and the large internal air volume all combat fogging, which is great for extreme enduro riders and warm, humid conditions.

Other Features

With an ANSI Z87.1 impact safety rating, the anti-scratch Edge lens also stands up to trail debris and roost on the track far better than “sheet” type lenses found in other goggles. The magnetic + slide lock retention system makes for quick lens swaps in changing light conditions.

Klim Edge Off-Road Goggle lens

KLIM took extra care engineering all the comfort features on the Edge. The two-part frame uses a firmer material around the lens and outriggers for structural support, while the inner part is more flexible for comfort against the face. The multi-layer chamfered foam creates a more comfortable pressure distribution on the face and sweat control to help keep your eyes clear. A debossed nose area also allows for uniform sealing without the pressure that restricts breathing. Another welcome feature is over-the-glasses (OTG) compatibility with frame cutouts that make it easy to wear glasses underneath the goggles.