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Fuel Motorcycles organised a new motorcycle tour for scramblers and custom-builds. Called the El Gringo, this tour took 32 riders from various places to parts of Spain that are free from tourists, little inhabited, and hardly travelled.

The guys at Fuel Motorcycles carefully selected deserted places for the El Gringo tour. The desert of Tabernas hidden between the Sierra de Los Filabres in the north and the Sierra de Alhamilla in the south southeast of Spain. It was places like these that made the entire 500km journey that much more memorable.

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The 32 riders, hailed from places like Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain, took off for Fort Bravo. The first 100km of the tour involved a lot of dust. Every rider was covered in it by the time they started climbing the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. This was the point where the landscape changed from dry herbs and dust to big trees and snow.

Day 2 started off with some fried eggs and strong coffee. The route continued along the mountain range of the Sierra Alhamilla. The tracks were a mixture of fast and technical tracks/Enduros and some road links. The group stopped for a well-deserved lunch at a restaurant on Route 66 where the riders enjoyed the Meet and Rock & Roll concert and chilled out for some time.

After lunch, some riders went to the old mines of Rodalquilar Almeria. The riders or the Gringos then headed back to Fort Bravo to complete the El Gringo tour. When they reached their final destination, everyone had some kind of a souvenir – from western utensils to cowboy hats.

Travelling through an unexplored part of Spain, the El Gringo tour was indeed an amazing experience for the riders. So much so that it proved to be a major inspiration for the new El Gringo Collection from Fuel Motorcycles. The tour was also a practice run for riders who have signed up for Fuel Motorcycles Scram Africa 2020.

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The Scram Africa 2020 is so much more than just a trip. It is all about adventure, friendship, fun, realisation. It is scheduled to kick off from 25 April 2020 and cover around 2500km. However, considering the current global health condition due to coronavirus, there might be a change of plans.