Scram Africa 2020-Fuel Motorcycles-uae-dubai

Dakar 2020 has just concluded. For the first time ever, it was held in the Middle East. Two weeks of rallying, covering 7,500km in sandy, rocky, and treacherous conditions – this certainly has woken up the adventurist in you, right? Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in it, however, if you want to calm down your inside adventurist, you should check out the Scram Africa 2020.

Organised by Fuel Motorcycles, Scram Africa is all about adventure, friendship, fun, realisation; it is so much more than just a trip. This year, Scram Africa has reached its 9th edition. Beginning from April 25, it will take you to the south of Morocco covering roughly about 2,500km.

The Bikes

Only two categories of motorcycles are allowed in the Scram Africa – classic and neo-retro scramblers and any bike customised as a scrambler.

The Route

The adventure will be ten days long and cover more than 2,500km with a mix of off-road and on-road. It will start in Nador and will end in Tanger. It will take you through fast tracks, roads, high mountains and, of course, the Sahara desert. What’s special this year is the inclusion of stages with just a few indications and waypoints, so the navigation will be essential for arriving at the end of the stage. There will be a night stage as well to add more adventure to the trip.

Scram Africa 2020-Fuel Motorcycles-uae-dubai

The Expenses

Price per person and a bike is 3,000 Euro. This will include-

-Ferry Barcelona / Nador + Tanger /Barcelona
-Assistance team and vehicles during the whole trip
-Accommodations for all nights
-Breakfast and dinners in the campaigns
-Food and drink for lunch
-Space allocated in the support vehicle for personal items
-Tripy roadbook (Photo report)

The Documents

You should have the following documents in order-

-Valid passport
-Green Card insurance and receive effective
-Driving license
-Motorcycle documentation
-Accident insurance and repatriation compulsory+ cancellation insurance
-If the bike is not yours, you need written authorisation from the owner

For registration, elaborative ride plan, and more information, click HERE.