Fuel Motorcycles El Gringo collection-uae-dubai

Fuel Motorcycles has introduced its new El Gringo collection which is inspired by the ‘70s. The idea for this new collection originated during the recent El Gringo tour which the brand organised in the barren parts of Spain.

To create the El Gringo collection, Fuel Motorcycles have combined the best material with inspiration from the spaghetti westerns of the 1970s. This has been done to provide the rider with the most authentic experience possible.

Following are the items under the new El Gringo collection:

Fuel “EL PASO” Duster (Long and Short)

Fuel Motorcycles El Gringo jacket-uae-dubai

The “El Paso” Oilskin Duster is a comfortable and fully waterproof oilskin jacket. It not only looks great but also provides great protection in harsh weather conditions and during extreme backcountry touring. It can go over any motorcycle jacket and still look super cool. It features a double snap front, adjustable drawstring waist, removable cape, rear saddle gusset and leg straps. It is available in a short or long version.

Fuel “FRONTERA” Gloves

Fuel Motorcycles El Gringo gloves-uae-dubai

For the Frontera Gloves, Fuel Motorcycles have taken inspiration from the Wild Erst pioneer’s gloves. They are made up of yellow leather. They are short in length yet robust. Even the cowboys knew that a whole day on the horse with the reins in their hands can be tough. It is the same riding a motorcycle all day long. The Frontera Gloves will do the job.

Fuel “Sheriff” Pin

Fuel Motorcycles El Gringo pin-uae-dubai

Since the entire El Gringo collection is based on the Wild West and kinda pays homage to the old times, Fuel Motorcycles have added a sheriff’s pin to complete the collection. The message on the pin says, “Dust, Guts and Glory”.