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We hope that you enjoyed Round 5 of UAE Baja Championship 2019 that took place earlier this month in Abu Dhabi and thus was also called Abu Dhabi Baja. Now, the Championship has reached its final round which is scheduled to take place next month. However, there has been a slight change of plans.

The concerned authorities have released a statement which revealed that the route of the final round of the UAE Baja Championship would be somewhat altered as a result of the bad weather conditions in the region.

UAE Baja Championship 2019 Final round annoncement

Here’s the official statement, “Due to recent rains storms over the eastern coast and the damage occurred to the mountain tracks of Fujairah, EMC decided that the final round of the UAE Baja Championship will be held over an extended route in Ras Al Khaimah on the same date which is Friday, 13th December 2019.”

As per the latest scorecard, it is Mohamad Al Balooshi leading the MOTOS 450 category with 103 points and in the MOTOS 250 category, it is Rashed Abdulla at the top-most position with a total of 94 points.

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