Abu Dhabi Baja Championship 2019-uae-dubai

The 5th round of UAE Baja Championship 2019 (Abu Dhabi Baja 2019) that was held in the Liwa region and based at Moreeb Dune facility, came to a successful end. Took place on Friday and Saturday, i.e., 15-16th November, it was filled with action and drama. After two days of rigorous rallying in the sands, we now have the results.

Leading in the MOTOS 450 category is Mohamad Al Balooshi who scored 20 points in this round and has a total of 103 points so far in the Championship. Even though he is the category leader, he didn’t score the highest points in round 5. It was Aaron Mare who secured the maximum points; 25 points! He is currently in the 4th place overall.

UAE Baja Championship Round 5-uae-dubai
Points at the end of UAE Baja Championship Round 5

In the MOTOS 250 category, it is Rashed Abdulla who is in the 1st place with a total of 94 points. Following him is Abdulla Lanjawi with 87 points in hand. Ali Ashoor is at the last place as he scored zero points in the Abu Dhabi Baja 2019.

With 5 rounds out of the way, we are now left with the last and the final round of the UAE Baja Championship 2019 that will be held in December 2019. Keep checking this space for more info.