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The custom motorcycle culture is never-ending. It’s trending now more than ever. And with our Custom Catch series on-air, we are lucky and fortunate to meet new bikers who have done something special on their rides; a custom touch, no matter how minor it is, is all it takes to change people’s perspective about you and your machine.

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Recently, we came across a keen motorcyclist, Karan Chopra who, like most of the people in the motorcycle community, loves riding and pimping his sweet machine. After spending some time with Karan, he shared his passion for custom motorcycles and how he ended up buying a pretty Honda CBX750 P and tweaked it to look even prettier.

Karan’s journey to a custom motorcycle began around 7 years ago. He wanted to have one in his garage. And out of nowhere, on one fine morning, he knew he had to have a cafe racer. One thing led to another and he found a Honda CBX750 P with the help of one of his friends. The CBX750 P is a police motorcycle which is more like a cruiser. It was nothing close to what Karan had in mind, a cafe racer, but it could be turned into one.

Custom catch-episode-3-karan-chopra-honda-cbx750-p-cafe-racer-uae-dubai-1 (6)
(L) The original Honda CBX750 P transformed to a bloody good cafe racer (R).

Today, the original CBX750 has been completely revamped. It has got parts borrowed from different motorcycles and sourced from a number of aftermarket parts manufacturers. We liked Karan’s idea of having an X-shaped headlight, something that we don’t see that often. So if you spot an X-shaped headlight on the streets of Dubai, chances are that’s Karan on his Honda CBX750. Also, the exhaust on this machine is super sweet. It might sound underwhelming on the startup, but as the revs climb, it produces such a lovely note! A big contribution to this sound is Honda’s original 747cc inline-4 engine.

Custom catch-episode-3-karan-chopra-honda-cbx750-p-cafe-racer-uae-dubai-1 (2)

It took umpteen number of hours, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and of course, money, to transform a police cruiser motorcycle into a badass cafe racer. It would be better if you hear the rest of the story from the owner himself.

We hope you guys enjoyed our latest episode of Custom Catch. We will post some more interesting stories pretty soon, so stay tuned for that. And if you want to get featured in this series, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you guys. Ride safe!