UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride-vicky-mehta-uae-dubai

There are various sorts of motorcyclists out there. Some prefer motorcycling as a hobby, some do it as a profession, some use a motorcycle for a commute, and others just for fun. However, there is a different category of motorcyclists which is a bit distinctive because it takes on challenges that others shy away from. Endurance challenges like ‘Full throttle’ and ‘Saddle Sore’ excite them. We’re glad to report that UAE has got a handful of such riders and 51 of them completed UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride ever.

The idea of doing such a ride emerges from the challenges that we just mentioned – ‘Full Throttle’ and ‘Saddle Sore’. As they both are considered to be among the most coveted challenges, having a patch of any of them is an honor. These two patches are issued under very strict auditing rules by two separate certification agencies: Long Distance Riders and Iron Butt Association. To earn this patch, and the respect of fellow motorcyclists, bikers have to ride 1000 miles (1610 km) in 24 hours.

It was an Indian biker named Vicky M, who took the step and responsibility of planning UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride. He has been living in Dubai for over 20 years. The planning and preparations started months before the ride which was scheduled for 15th March 2019. Vicky not only managed to get his close buddies involved but also to facilitate participation from several biking clubs and independent riders from all over the region. Riders from Saudi Arabia and Oman also came to the UAE to participate in this event.

UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride-vicky-mehta-uae-dubai

“I designed this event as a celebration of diversity and as charity to show tolerance. We had over 15 different nationalities participating in the Motorcycle endurance event. We will donate water coolers to labor camps across the UAE. This event was the largest motorcycle endurance event in the Middle East. UAE is unique in that it has amongst the best roads in the world, very supportive governmental departments and such a large, tolerant and diverse population. It was a very difficult ride because 15th March had sandstorms, thunderstorms, and even hail storms. The various riders could only achieve success by communicating and supporting each other. This event taught them more about diversity, tolerance and team effort. One of the special, memorable moments at the end of the endurance ride was when the bikers began congratulating each other using the words from the other biker’s language.”

-Vicky M

Even after facing unfavorable weather conditions on the day of the ride, over 70 bikes were ready at various filling stations from where different batches were bound to start. It was a special ride for each of the participant as it also marked the celebration of UAE’s ‘Year of Tolerance’. Everyone was pleased to have riders from different nationalities. And things got even better when a lady rider by the name Jishaa joined the race.

“I felt this ride would not only satisfy my inner need assess my potential, but is also a way of telling my lady friends out there who have been wanting for years to come out and pursue their hobbies.”


Captain Subin, one of the riders, lead 20 bikers to complete 1610 km in less than 20 hours thereby becoming the largest single tribe to do the ‘EXTREME 1500’ endurance ride (completing 1500 km under 20 hours) in the Middle East.

“At first, our objective was to complete the challenge in 24 hours, but I had an excellent team of bikers who were equally pushing me to achieve the impossible. The fact that we had to break our way through the rainstorms, hailstorms and sandstorms made the feat even more commendable. In the end, 20 bikers in my tribe completed 1610 km in less than 20 hours, making us the largest 1610 km endurance tribe in Middle East and also the first tribe to achieve ‘EXTREME 1500’ which is covering 1500 km under 20 hours.”

-Captain Subin

UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride-vicky-mehta-uae-dubai

Within the allotted 24 hours, more than 50 riders completed the ride on schedule and earned the coveted patches. This was not an easy ride by any means, but through tenacity and perseverance, anything can be achieved. Most importantly, new friends were made and all walked away with a feeling of accomplishment.

In true biking tradition, the group also decided to contribute to a good cause. The bikers made donations, which will be donated through an official charity for buying water coolers for labor camps.

UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride-vicky-mehta-uae-dubai

Don’t you think you should have been a part of such a wonderful and amazing journey? Well, you’ve got another chance because there’s going to be a similar ride pretty soon. The Biker Buddies Brotherhood MEGA2500 Ride will include riders from multiple nationalities and various types of motorcycles. The ride will cover 2500 km in 36 hours. It will be another endurance race to set a new Guinness World Record. For more information, visit their Facebook page.