We are back with our latest Custom Catch series where we feature people like you and me who have a thing for custom motorcycles. It’s really a special series for us as well as you guys, as it allows to share our common passion and love for custom bikes. We have created a new platform where anyone can get featured with his/her custom-built ride. All you need to do is contact us.

After our successful and much-loved Episode 1 of Custom Catch, we are now back with Episode 2 featuring our friend Del from Cafe Racers Middle East and his Junkyard Dog. Let’s get right into it then, shall we?

Who’s Del?



Del is from Cafe Racers Middle East, which is one of the popular platforms among the biking community. He owned various motorcycles like cafe racers, vintage bikes, Japanese bikes, and even a 1961 Matchless bike which he inherited from his grandfather. However, he never owned a Harley, until one fine day.

Del’s first Harley- The Junkyard Dog

Del’s first Harley is a 2006 Sportster. He got it from one of his friends, who acquired it from one of his friends called Tommy. So, basically, the current fat-bobber styling of the bike has been initially done by Tommy the previous owner of this bike.

After Del got his Junkyard Dog, his friends were a bit shocked as they never saw him riding a Harley before. And then they did the same thing that our friends would have done in a situation like this- pulled his leg!

Junkyard Dog’s Customization

The first thing that Del did with his bike was to strip it naked. Atta boy! It seems he’s a guy who doesn’t like to waste time and jump right into it. Jokes apart, he did that to gain access to the full frame of the motorcycle so that he can get it fully powder-coated.

Once that was done, it was the fuel tank to receive a revamp. The old paint was sanded off and a new much attractive metallic aluminium shade was applied. Del also got a vintage fuel cap from Lowbrow Customs. This is a small yet very significant element that enhanced the overall appearance of the fuel tank.

The next step was to clean up and rearrange/reinstall all the wiring and cables. Following that was to repaint the side panels to glossy black to get the bike more retro styling.


Del also got a pair of retro tires for his Junkyard Dog. These tires fit just perfectly on this machine’s character. He also made sure the rear fender is shortened as per his taste and he completely removed the front one.


The GT handlebar of this motorcycle is one of the most striking elements that we’ve noticed. It has imparted a slightly more aggressive riding stance which adds a bit of fun and excitement while you’re riding. And at the same time, it doesn’t demand you to lean forward. Your posture remains upright which is quite relaxing and keeps your back and spine stress-free.

Another interesting element in Del’s Junkyard Dog is the custom fuel reservoir. This is also from Lowbrow Customs. It is kind of a must for such custom motorcycles because the stock fuel tank has a very low fuel holding capacity. And you wouldn’t look your best if you get stranded in the middle of a highway or street or nowhere with no gas in your bike. A big thumbs up for this!


Moving on, Del has also got the previous large instrument cluster replaced by a new small fully digital one. He has also fitted small revival cycle indicators which are small yet bright and visible. And to handle the potholes and undulations of roads, the rear shocks come from Burly’s.

Why call it Junkyard Dog?


The Junkyard Dog is a very special bike for Del. It’s his first Harley, for God’s sake! He got very impressed by the ruggedness, roughness, and always-ready-to-start spirit of his Harley. On any morning he can thumb-start it and it fires up with a growl without creating a fuss. This is why he named it the Junkyard Dog. And after hearing her fly past by, we gave it ‘growling’ as a prefix.

That’s it


And Episode 2 of our Custom Catch series comes to an end. We hope you guys enjoyed this episode as much as we did while making it for you. Thank you for all your love and support. We will keep on adding such more episodes in our Custom Catch series in the future. And we’re looking forward to hearing from you guys! Maybe you’d get featured in our next one! Until next time, ciao and ride safe!

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