art of motorcycles exhibition 2019-uae-dubai

Slowly and steadily the number of motorcycle-related events in Dubai and in the other Emirates is increasing. We just had the second edition of the Dubai Motorbike Festival to mark the New Year 2019 and we hope that in the future we get to have more events dedicated to the motorcycle community. Talking about events, there’s a new one happening in February and it’s called the Art of Motorcycles Exhibition 2019 which you should definitely visit.

What’s Art of Motorcycles Exhibition 2019 all about?

Art of Motorcycles Exhibition is a first-of-its-kind event in the region. It’s going to make its debut this year. It includes amazing art, photography, and custom-built motorcycles. All these three different genres, which are distinct yet somehow related to each other, will be put together under one roof for people to visit and admire the diverse creativity involved.

People at Art of Motorcycles Exhibition

Art of Motorcycles Exhibition is an annual event. The work showcased will be on an invite-only basis. This year’s show will feature 20 specially selected motorcycles from builders of all calibers. They’re invited to exhibit their custom creations. In addition, a handful of talented artists and photographers have been exclusively selected to present their works.

If you’ve got amazing art or photography or custom-built bike and want to join Art of Motorcycles, then you can contact the organizers and you might get an invite for the next year event because all the slots for this year are locked down.

Some of the selected artists are Guy Salazar & Salvador Colin and Douglas Thompson a.k.a. Tempus Deficit.

Stoke and Bear – Art is one of the featured artists of the show. Some artistic creations of Mr. Russell Hamilton will be showcased. Creative photography from Farel Bisotto will be highlighted. Also, VR Customs and RPM Bikes Dubai will have their attendance as well. We are also going to see Free Spirit Motorcycles at the event along with two great custom bike-builders in the UAE, Lycan Customs and Sebsports.

Art of Motorcycles Exhibition Dates

The event scheduled to take place on Saturday, 23rd Feb from 12 pm to 5 pm at TechArt in Al Sirkal Avenue. So far the attendance is looking pretty great and the selection of exhibitors is just perfect.

We’re definitely going to be present at the event and hope to see you guys as well as all the other exhibitors, artists, custom bike-builders, and anyone. It’s going to be awesome!