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Image source - BikeBandit

If you like long-distance motorcycle touring and want to take it a level higher, you could try your hand in long-distance endurance rides where you would need to cover a predetermined distance in a certain time. It might sound easy but in reality, it’s not. Long-distance endurance rides take a toll on both the man and the machine. If you want to experience one, there are a handful of 2500km long-distance endurance rides coming up in 2020.

All these rides will be organised by well-known endurance rider Vicky M and his team who successfully completed UAE’s largest motorcycle endurance ride early this year. These rides will also be monitored and certified by 3 reputable international agencies – Iron Butt Association of USA, Long Distance Riders of USA, and Wheel Warriors of Canada.

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So far, over 40 committed participants have enrolled making these rides the largest 2500km motorcycle endurance rides in the Middle East.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these endurance rides, you can join the respective Facebook group where you can find all the relevant information. Once you have selected a specific ride, you can join the WhatsApp group for that ride, where you will get detailed information and get to know your fellow riders.

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