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Owned by Mr Waleed Al Shemais, an old-time motorcycle enthusiast and lover, Waleed Alshemais Racing has become the GOLD Sponsor of the ongoing 2019/20 National Sportsbike Super Series. It is also the category sponsor of the 600cc Superstock which is now ‘Waleed Al Shemais 600cc Superstock’.

Mr Al Shemais is the CEO and owner of Waleed Al Shemais Motorcycles. He also takes care of a handful of other big companies. He has been involved in many motorsports events, from 4-wheels to 2-wheels and off-road to on-road track racing and much more. It is his long-lasting love and passion for motorcycles that led to the formation of Waleed Al Shemais Racing Team a few years ago with the dream and goal to help develop and promote motorsports in the UAE and Gulf region to a world-class level. Finally, Mr Al Shemais found a like-minded partner, Furiosa Racing Team, which is the official organisers of the 2019/20 National Sportsbike Super Series.

2019-20 National Sportsbike Super Series-uae-dubai

Kyle Kumm, GM, Furiosa Racing is super excited to have Mr Al Shemais onboard and optimistic that now he’d be able to line-up 30 riders at the start/finish line at one of their National events this race season. He strongly believes that partnerships like these go a long way. He is also looking forward to working with Waleed Al Shemais Racing Team in more interesting events in the future.

Apart from being the GOLD Sponsor of National Sportsbike Super Series, Waleed Al Shemais Racing is also responsible for taking care of a plethora of behind-the-scenes activities to promote the motorsport and bring in more international riders/participants.

So far, the 2019/20 National Sportsbike Super Series has completed two action-packed rounds of motorcycle racing. Round 3 is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 25 January 2020 and with partners like Waleed Al Shemais Racing Team joining in on the action, we can see nothing but more thrill coming our way!