UAE's 1st BMW R nineT gathering and ride-uae-dubai

Group rides are fun; you get to meet new people, make new friends, enjoy the whole electrifying atmosphere. Things become more interesting if it’s a brand-exclusive group ride. And even better if it’s a model-exclusive group ride. That’s exactly what has been achieved here by an initiative that led to the creation and successful completion of UAE’s 1st BMW R nineT Gathering and Ride in Dubai.

The Inception

BMW R nineT isn’t your conventional motorcycle. The main highlight that sets it apart from the rest of the lot out on the roads is the Boxer engine. It is a powerful air-cooled, two-cylinder unit that churns out 110 hp. Apart from its engine, the R nineT is also popular for its classic looks.

So a few weeks ago our guy from Bike Nation, Hasan, and his friend and owner of Motofever Store, Jasjiv, met at the AGMC BMW Motorrad Open House. Both of them are BMW R nineT riders and at the event met other fellow riders. Everyone in the house agreed to how great the R nineT is. One thing led to another and eventually, it was decided that there should be a Gathering and Ride dedicated to this special motorcycle.


UAE's 1st BMW R nineT gathering and ride-uae-dubai

The Process

With the plan in place, it was time to execute it precisely. Thanks to Meti Latifi from AGMC BMW Motorrad whose valuable help made the job so much easier. And thus, UAE’s 1st BMW R nineT Gathering and Ride was created! We reached out to other R nineT riders we knew and also started looking for riders we didn’t know. The word slowly spread and it was time for the ride.

The Ride

UAE’s 1st BMW R nineT Gathering and Ride took place on November 1st, Friday. The gathering point for the ride was AGMC BMW Motorrad at 7:30 am. Since it was the first event of its kind, expectations weren’t too high but efforts from the dealership and Bike Nation Magazine did create a difference and we got around 20 riders! Not bad for a first ride, right?


After the briefing at AGMC BMW Motorrad, the group took off for a short ride around Dubai and later stopped by at the Riders Station Cafe. It’s a beautiful place for motorcyclists and if you ever pass by it, make sure you check it out. They even gave us 15% off! Thanks, guys!

Everyone enjoyed the delicious breakfast, picturesque view, and of course, the R nineTs. Seeing all those bikes lined up together, some stock, some customised, was a joyous feeling!

And that’s how UAE’s 1st BMW R nineT Gathering and Ride concluded. We had a great time and we’re pretty sure everyone else did too. And we promise you guys, this isn’t going to be the end. It was the first such ride, let’s keep the counter rolling and make it never-ending!

All BMW R nineT owners can join the group by following AGMC BMW Motorrad group on Facebook. We will keep you guys updated about the next ride, so keep checking Bike Nation!