Female Saudi rider Dania Akeel-uae-dubai
Picture courtesy - ingsridesreal

A brand-new season of the UAE Sportbike Championship is just around the corner and participating in it for the first time is female Saudi rider Dania Akeel. This will also be her first competition ever as she has just received her Speed Bikes Competition Licence after applying through the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation.

General Sports Authority and the Saudi Arabian Motorsports Federation have been supporting Saudi athletes through special programs held to attract and expose the skills of the Saudi youth and develop their experiences in various sports.

Speaking about this, Dania Akeel, said, “I am very grateful to God for the opportunities that have transpired for me to be able to race in the upcoming UAE National Sportbike Super Series organized by Furiosa Racing.”

Female Saudi rider Dania Akeel-uae-dubai
Picture courtesy – Ivan Stan

“I would like to thank the Saudi Arabian Motorsports Federation for facilitating this by providing me with the utmost support in obtaining the licence; their methodology has been extremely efficient and helpful. I would also like to thank EMSO (Emirates Motorsport Organization) and Furiosa Racing for their support and effort in guiding me through this process.”

The UAE National SportsBike Super Series grid will witness the competition between more than 15 racers, for five consecutive rounds at the Dubai Autodrome. Dania has been practising with professional racers including national champions to sharpen her skills, using apex, breaking marker, lean angle and different training techniques, putting her in good shape to compete. She will ride a Ducati 899 in the championship.

Just like before, we will be covering this year’s UAE Sportbike Championship as well and hope to see Dania Akeel at the event. We wish her good luck with her first participation!