It’s in the Swedish character to let their work do all the talking, unless you happen to be the effervescent King Zlatan. Husqvarna is Swedish, actually was Swedish, before changing many ownerships and manufacturing sites, yet it still retains that Swedish essence even after a century of being in the business. It still believes in letting performance do the talking.

So here we have Husqvarna FE 501 for 2017, ready to kick some dirt with the most kickass engine in the Enduro line-up. This is a treat for the off-road enthusiast who has had experience with Husky’s Enduros. There have been some weight reductions from the 2016 model. The new engine weighs 30.1kg, which is 1.7kg less. The frame is slightly lighter than its predecessor, if only by 0.6kg. Carbon fibre has been employed in the subframe, which makes it 1kg lighter than the 2016 model.

The bodywork looks distinctly Husky with pearl blue and electric yellow graphics that quickly tell you that there is something Swedish going on here. Beyond the impressive looks, improvements have been made to the ergonomics of the bike, making it comfortable for the rider to ride long. To keep you firmly planted when you are zagging through a muddy track, the seat is fitted with a high grip seat cover. A counter balancer shaft is something riders will love, it minimizes the ever annoying vibration. And top it off is a new map switch, which allows the rider the luxury of switching to power features that are suitable for a given riding situation.

And at $10,799, FE 501 offers serious competition to others in its class.